Challenge Coin

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Historically, challenge coins are minted and issued to designate which unit a Soldier belongs to and given for immediate recognition as a token of merit.  VFW Post 577 has created these coins, designed by Junior Vice Commander Joshua Starks, as recognition for those individuals who choose to support our mission to assist all Veterans from all Wars in reintegrating back into civilian life. 

The “Life After War” challenge coin is designed with a high relief by the makers of the Congressional Medal of Honor.  The coin depicts East Sixth Street from the perspective of the returning Soldier– the long barren road each Soldier faces as they return to the bustling city of Tulsa. The VFW is on the right to assist with reintegration and the tree upon the left symbolizes re-growth. The bridge in the distance is much like the gates of a base in combat. Summoning up every bit of courage a Soldier has to face the unknown and set out on mission, regardless of the outcome. This coin represents the journey of every returning Soldier and our mission to assist them on their new mission.